Felicia's Wedding Day

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some shots from my darling, Felicia's wedding a couple months back! The photographer took forever to send the photos to Fel so I'm only blogging about it now.

Like a zhuai can, Mr groom! Lol we were all laughing about how this photos look like the MUA was complimenting him like wah you so handsome ahhhhh then he is like YAH DUUUUUH! LOL 

Styled my hair with a half side french braid and curled my hair and styed it to the side, I the hair and makeup i did for myself that night so camwhore more! hohoho

What's on my face:

✿ Base  

Foundation: Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover 
Setting powder: Face Of Australia translucent face powder
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Blusher: Jill Stuart Blusher in Brilliant Marigold
Highlighter: VDL Festival Mineral Blusher (802 Backhug)

✿ Colour

Brows: Rimmel London brow pencil
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette (Honeypot, Chocolate Martini, Sexpresso)
Mascara: ZA Mascara Base + Rimmel Volume Flash
 Falsies: Tokyo Lash by Star Lash in Rika
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

With the beaaaaautiful bride! Muuuuuaucks!

Black X Brown

Look at the groom!! WALAOEH, he left his shoes at the hotel so he wore crocs for the solemnization ceremony! Sibeh jialat if it's Leon i will kill him hahahahah

LOL at felicia's hardcore auntie! Somebody still keep passing her the mic to yam seng, damn smart move to blow all of our eardrums yo.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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Unknown said...

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